Procedures Active and Non-Active

While the study stopped

Students who, for certain reasons, and for reasons that can be accounted for (eg pain, difficulty costs, and other) allowed to terminal "or study leave or quit the study while, with the following conditions:

Terminals are given a maximum of 2 (two) years or 4 (four) semesters during the study period in each terminal UNMER Malang and a maximum of 1 (one) year or two (2) semesters, or should not be taken two (2) year or four (4) consecutive semesters. Terminal should be taken after undergoing amhasiswa lectures for 2 (two) semerster, unless there is a strong alsan. During the terminal shall implement Her-registration study period is not counted and free education, except cost of Her-registration. Not allowed to attend lectures, exams, thesis guidance, use the library and laboratories, and student activities. Non-active students if they attend activities that are not allowed will be penalized in accordance with applicable regulations. Procedures terminal / Leave Studies / Stop While Applying in writing to the Dean by filling the form, enclosing a copy of a student card, the payment of tuition fees (BPP) the previous semester, and information freely borrow library books. Application is filed not later than 2 (two) weeks after the beginning of classes in the semester. If the application is approved, the Certificate issued Terminal / Stop While signed Studies Dean / Head of Diploma Program (known by the Rector and Vice Rector cq)

Students Stop Without Permission

Duration is calculated to remain inactive during the study if want to be active again, students who quit their studies without an active license may apply to return to the rector with a copy Dean or Head of Diploma program, while the chancellor may grant the application taking into account the rest of the study period with the load credits that have not been passed. If students stop their studies without permission, allowed active again by student request, it is required to pay: the cost of registration and tuition for non active without permission and if non-active without a permit more than 4 (four) semesters, the new DP payment plus the amount same DP at first admission.

Procedures On Back

Students who terminals / stops studies to be active while back, it was required to apply active again with a copy to the Chancellor Dean / Head of Program Diploma Certificate attached Terminal / BSS Students can perform normal academic activities, soon issued Rector of akatif back and The next question immediately fulfill the academic and financial administration.


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