Faculty of Psychology

Undergraduate Program

S1 - Psychology


Our Vision

Becomes the center of the development of technology and science and entrepreneurship, also developing human resources in the field of psychology who are professional, competitive, independent, entrepreneurial, and faithful to God by 2020. 

Our Mission

  1. Organizing an education program which prepares and produces graduates who are able to use various Psychology aproaches and apply ethic code as scholars of Psychology to solve various problems in the society, particularly in the field of Psychology for Social Affairs, Clinical Psychology, Psychology for Education, and Psychology for Industry Organization based on unfinished family problems and focused on Psychology for Family.
  2. Applying and developing information technology in the academic activities.
  3. Organizing research activities and community services in the field of Psychology, especially for family problems, and disseminating the results to the parties concerned and also stakeholders in order to increase the mental halth quality of  our community.
  4. Developing partnerships with community agencies to help solving variety of problems, especially problems related to the psychology of family.
  5. Developing and improving Faculty of Psychology who embraced the principles of good governance.

Education Program

Strata 1 (S-1) Psychology, University of Merdeka Malang, has four areas of concentration:

Psychology for Industry and Organization.
Psychology for Education.
Psychology for Social Services.
Clinical Psychology.

The students will study for 8 semesters or four years with 150 academic credit system.

Faculty of Psychology provides:

  • Various training - English, Computer, Internet, and TOEFL.
  • Psychodiagnostic and the experiment tools.
  • Scholarships for excellence students.

Being Psychology graduates, you can work in:

  • Business and Industry companies such as real estate, hotel, manufacture company, etc.
  • Consultants, researchers, and Non-Governmental Organisations.
  • Universities, Academies, High Schools, Middle Schools, Elementary Schools, Kindergartens, Play Group.
  • Hospitals, Asylums, Clinics, Human Services Center, etc.
    Court and legal institutions, governmental agencies, and the military.
  • Personal Consultant.

National and International Cooperations

  • Directorate for Extraordinary Schools Development
  • Taipan Consultan.
  • Some private companies.
  • Some Educational Institutions (SMAN 1, SMAN 3, SMAN 4, MAN 3 Malang, SLB Putra Jaya, SLB Tunas Bangsa).
  • Some Private Radio Stations (Cakra Bhuwana, Kosmonita, Radio Andalus).
  • The government of Trenggalek, Probolinggo, Batu, Malang Regency, and Pasuruan.
  • National Programme for Community Empowerment XV Tulungagung.
  • etc.

Teaching Staff

The lecturers at Faculty of Psychology, University of Merdeka Malang, are the experienced ones in the field of concentrations for Industry and Organization, Education, Social Services and Clinical Psychology.


For further information, click psikologi.unmer.ac.id


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