Faculty of Economics and Business

Undergraduate Program

  1. Department of Management

     Concentration choices:

      a. Finance and Investment Management.
      b. Marketing Management.
      c. Operations Management.
      d. Human Resources Management.

 2. Department of Accounting

      Concentration choices:

      a. Public Accounting
      b. Finance Accounting
      c. Management Accounting
      d. Tax Accounting

3. Department of Economics Development

     Concentration choices:

     a. Economics Resources
     b. Economics, Finance, and Banking.
     c. Regional Development and Autonomy Planning.


National and International Cooperations

UNESCO – ILO – UNDP - Oregon University in USA - Curtin University in Australia - Murdoch University in Australia - Erasmus Universiteid in Netherlands - Ministry of Youth and Sports - Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration - Bank BNI 46 - Bank Mandiri - Bank Jatim – Bank Danamon - the Jakarta Stock Exchange - Bank Indonesia – Indonesia Tax Consultant Association - PT Prima Food.

Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) UNMER Malang provides high quality education system with quality teaching staff, a dynamic curriculum, and also a quality teaching and learning process that is guaranteed by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAAHE)  and National Accreditation Agency (NAA) for higher education. This faculty has been accredited by NAA (Department of Economic Development is "A", Department of Management is "B", and Department of Accounting is "B"). The commitment to guarantee the quality of academic is proven by some lecturers of FEB UNMER of Malang becoming the education assesors appointed by the Accreditation of the National for State and Private Universities. This given trust shows that there is recognition of other parties outside UNMER Malang regarding the quality of our staff.

Moreover, several programs in the academic course that we designed to produce human resources who will fit the qualifications of the world of work are :

A program for improving students’ hard skills through reguler course, structured course,  guest lectures, and a field trip is actively involved by business practitioners and experts to teach as a counterpart lecturers of  FEB UNMER Malang.

A program for improving character building, communication skills, and leadership is held based on the education based value (soft skills) approaches through hidden curriculum and courses with soft skill specialization.

A program for shaping the students’ ability in independency and entrepreneurship through the course of  Independency and Entrepreneurship and also business practice.

A program for increasing global insight through activities in international class.

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